Exodus 5-8; Psalm 13; Matthew 19-20

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What an amazing difference Jesus’ touch makes in a person’s life. Matthew 20:29-34 tells the story of two blind men who asked Jesus to heal them. It says that “Jesus felt sorry for them and touched their eyes. Instantly they could see!” (Matt. 20:34).

They could see! And then what happened? “Then they followed him” (Matt. 20:34). It didn’t matter to them that they had been blind and now their eyes were struck by colors, shapes, depth, light, and shadows. It didn’t matter to them that after years of darkness there was an entire world to learn about. It didn’t matter to them that they were now in a position to begin accumulating material treasures their blindness had denied them in the past. Their eyes were fixed on Jesus. They had felt the Lord’s touch, and they knew in an instant His love for them. They wanted more of the Master—not more of what was around them, not more of what their new way of life could provide—just more of Jesus’ presence.

This was the essence of the rich young man’s problem in Matthew 19:16-22. He had sight, but he was blind to the riches of knowing Jesus intimately. Life had provided a great deal of material wealth to him. His wealth allowed him to be self-sufficient. And yet there was something he sensed in Jesus that drew him, but there was also a barrier. He wanted to keep the status quo more than he wanted Jesus and what He offered. He didn’t understand what he would be gaining; he only knew the price was too high for him to pay. His wealth was his god; it is what he trusted in.

Is there anything that we are trusting more than God? It is so easy to be like the rich young man and believe that what we own can make us safer or more secure. It is so easy to have more trust in something tangible than in the God we cannot see or touch. It is so easy to fall into the trap that what we control, what we know, how we look, where we’ve been, or where we are going is what gives us value. Our secular culture drives the point home to us constantly.

But in the midst of all of this is Jesus. As with the blind men, He wants to heal our eyes so we can see the incalculable value of Him. As with the rich young man, He wants to give to us what can provide the greatest joy in this life. Jesus says love Me more, trust Me more, believe in Me more than what you own or what you value. Jesus says let Me fulfill your true need—the need to know the One for whom you were created.

Like the blind men, let us have eyes and hearts attuned to Jesus.

© 2010 Arlina Yates

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