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Group Description Manager Members Join Link Start Date
Druck Valley Adult Sunday School

Members and friends of Druck Valley Adult Sunday School Class

ayates 3 Request membership 10/29/2017
Shiloh Lutheran

Members and friends of Shiloh Lutheran

ayates 16 Request membership 10/01/2017
Hudson Highlands Cooperative Parish

Members and friends of Hudson Highlands

Ross Topliff 9 Request membership 10/19/2017
WPC - Seekers

Wrightsville Presbyterian Seekers Group

vaubry 5 Request membership 05/15/2017
Chestnut Grove UM Church

Members and Friends of Chestnut Grove

ayates 24 Request membership 09/18/2016
Salem UM Church

Members and friends of Salem UM

wlauer 11 Closed 09/22/2013
Advent Lutheran

Group formed on 9/1/2013

Anonymous 72 Closed 09/01/2013
Easter 2010

Group formed on 4/4/2010

ayates 20 Closed 04/04/2010
Beachbody Coaches

First Steps to Success Graduates

vaubry 15 Closed 02/27/2012
New Year 2010

Group formed on 1/3/10

ayates 26 Closed 01/27/2012

Members and friends of Guinston Presbyterian Church

ayates 29 Closed 01/01/2012
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