Mt Holly Springs

Group Start Date

Welcome Mt. Holly Springs members and friends!  We are excited that you will be reading through the Bible with us.  We are reading one chapter a day using the reading schedule found under our group's name.  Our group will begin reading on Tuesday, 6/01/21.

We want you to be successful in reading through the Bible because it may be one of the most important things you ever do.  Please take some time to browse through this website, for there is information available that can help you to continue reading through the Bible until you have read to the end.

You will find that our reading schedule moves between the Old and the New Testament each week.  You may print off the reading schedule or track your reading progress on-line.  You can also receive daily reading reminders, a weekly reflection on the seven chapters you have read, and notification when you have reached specific reading targets (such as being half-way through the Bible).

It's good to be reading through the Bible with you!