Bible Reading Program

The Word Way program is designed so busy people can accomplish the important goals of reading the entire Bible and applying what they read to their everyday lives. The Reading Schedule is based on reading one chapter each day from the Bible. Most people find reading and reflecting on one chapter a day to be doable and that they are able to more easily “catch up” when falling behind in their reading.

The essential parts to this program:

  • A Bible. If you do not already have a favorite translation, we recommend the New Living Translation Life Application Bible, which is available in book or electronic formats.
  • A Bible Reading Schedule
  • The Weekly Thoughts
  • Your commitment to reading the entire Bible

New Living Translation Life Application Bible

The New Living Translation (NLT) Bible is easy for modern–day readers to understand without sacrificing accuracy. It is not a paraphrased Bible but a translation from the original Hebrew and Greek texts.

The Life Application Notes help readers understand what they are reading and enables them to connect the Bible to their own life situations. Word Way considers the Life Application Notes to be one of the key reasons that many people continue to read through the entire Bible when they were unable to do so in the past.

Bible Reading Schedule

One of the unique features of the Word Way Bible Reading Program is that we move back and forth between the Old Testament and New Testament each week. This helps readers see how closely these two sections of the Bible are tied together.

We have found that a Bible Reading Schedule is necessary to help you:

  • Know what chapter is the assigned reading for each day
  • Track your reading progress
  • Identify what chapters to read for the times you fall behind in your reading

Weekly Thoughts

The Weekly Thoughts are short writings based on each week’s scheduled Bible chapters. They were written to encourage readers in their relationship with God, to answer questions that may not be addressed in the Life Application Notes, and to supplement the reader's knowledge of the Bible.