What should I be sure to communicate to my potential group members?

There are only a few key points that you should be sure to communicate to the people you contact. It is important for your potential group members to know:

  • Why you think it is important to read through the Bible.
  • The proposed start date.
  • Why reading the New Living Translation Life Application Bible is recommended if they do not currently have a Bible that they prefer using and that it can be purchased in many bookstores and through most on-line booksellers.
  • To contact us at contact@thewordway.com if they would like to use the NLT Life Application Bible and cannot afford it. Sponsorship help is sometimes available.
  • They will be reading through the Bible using a Reading Schedule that moves between the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  • Whether you will be sending them a Word Way generated email invitation to join your group or if they should visit the website to review the program and join your group through open registration.
  • That during registration they may choose to automatically receive Daily Reading Reminders, Weekly Thoughts, and Milestone Markers.
  • The group name.