What information do I need to register and start a group on this website?

To register your new group, you will need to know the:

  • Group name
  • Reading start date for the group. When deciding a start date for your group, allow enough time to contact and communicate with potential members of your group. Also allow these potential group members enough time to decide if they would like to participate in the Bible reading group, purchase a Bible if necessary, print their Reading Schedule if desired, and register as a group member at the Word Way. We suggest at least a four week lead time for most groups.
  • Method you will use to invite people to join your group.
    • For small groups, you may want to send invitations directly from the website. To do so, you will need the email addresses of the people you are inviting to join your group.
    • For larger groups, you may want to use other means of communication to invite potential group members to the website to join your group.