Time constraints

This may be the number one obstacle to attempting to read through the Bible.

The Word Way program is designed so that busy people can accomplish the important goals of reading the entire Bible and applying what they read to their everyday lives. But these goals cannot be accomplished without deliberately setting aside time to read and reflect on what has been read. If time constraints are a concern for you, it is important to ask God to help you pick a good time and place to read and to be dedicated to keeping that time with God.

We have found that most readers who are serious about learning about what God has to say to them through the Bible are able to carve enough time from their schedules to read one chapter each day and the Bible Reading Program is set up on this schedule. For readers who simply cannot read each day, it is often possible to set aside time each week to catch up on the seven chapters assigned for that week.

Making time with God a priority in your life will be something you never regret. If time constraint is an issue for you, pray for the determination to read a chapter a day or seven chapters each week in the Bible.