Staying Current on the Reading Schedule

The last column of the printed or on-line Bible Reading Schedule is designed to be checked off as each day's reading is completed. This enables you to see with a quick glance where you are in the reading schedule.

This happens. There are going to be days when you get behind in the Reading Schedule. Don't be discouraged or give up reading when this happens. Because life isn't always smooth, we won't always read the chapter on the day it is assigned.

Because the lessons of the Bible build on each other, it is most beneficial to read all, not just part, of Scripture. If you miss large sections of reading, there may be gaps in your knowledge that affect your understanding of what you read later. If you have fallen far behind in the Reading Schedule, you may want to start again, from the beginning, rather than pick up from where you stopped reading.

To create a new reading schedule:

  • Go to My Account
  • Click the Edit tab at the top of the page
  • Click the Reading Schedule Information tab
  • Use the Reading Start Date pull-down bars to choose a new date to begin reading
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

After changing your Reading Start Date, you may want to reprint your Bible Reading Schedule. 

It is more important to read at a pace that works for you rather than to skip sections of scripture to keep current with your group. You may want to check with your group leader to see if others have also fallen behind. If so, it may be the right time to form a second group that starts again with a different Reading Schedule. Or you may want to start over using an Individual Reading Schedule.

To create an Individual Reading Schedule, reset your personal reading schedule start date on the My Account page. You may also want to remove yourself from your group. To leave the group, go to the group's page and click the Leave Group button.


Go for it! There are two different directions to go when reading ahead. First, God may give you such a strong desire to keep reading once you begin that the Reading Schedule becomes irrelevant for you. We rejoice if this is the case! After you have completed reading through the Bible the first time, you may want to use a Reading Schedule for a second read–through.

Or, you may find that it is only occasionally that you feel like reading ahead of the schedule. Reading ahead during those times will help offset the times when you are unable to read and help to keep you in-line with your Reading Schedule and a part of any reading group of which you are a member.