Individual Readers

It is very simple to get started in the Bible Reading Program. Here is all you need to do:

You can receive email delivery of:

  • The complete Bible Reading Schedule
  • Daily reminder of the chapter scheduled to be read each day
  • Weekly Thoughts
  • Milestone notifications of reading accomplishments such as being half-way through the Bible

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Certainly! Word Way will automatically track your reading progress on your on-line reading schedule if you check off each chapter as you complete it. In addition, those chapters which are not checked off and whose reading date is prior to the current date will be highlighted in red so that you can more easily see what chapters need to be read to bring you up-to-date on your reading schedule.

Some people find that it helps to journal their thoughts, questions, or noteworthy Bible verses while reading. Others find that sketching rather than writing works best for them. Either way this may provide a personal journal that becomes significant to you. It may also become a roadmap of your personal spiritual journey, especially if dates are included.

Readers may want to keep a separate notebook or write directly in their Bibles.

Certainly! Register now to create your Individual Reading Schedule if you have not already done so. Joining a group is dependent upon an invitation from a group leader.