Bible Reading Schedule

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There are two reasons a Reading Schedule is needed.

The first reason is that the Word Way program does not read straight through the Bible but moves back and forth between the Old Testament and New Testament. A schedule is necessary for the reader to know what the assigned reading is for each day. See Why does the Reading Schedule move back and forth between the Old Testament and the New Testament each week?

Secondly, the program is based on reading one chapter a day from the Bible. By reading only one chapter a day, it will take 170 weeks, or 3 ¼ years, to read through the Bible. Realistically, there will be situations where a person will not be able to read the assigned chapter for that day. For the times when a reader falls behind in reading, a schedule can help to track your reading progress and allow you to know what chapters need to be read.

There are two reasons why it can be beneficial to read between the Old Testament and the New Testament rather than attempting to read straight through the Bible or to read only the New Testament.

First, when trying to read straight through the Bible, readers often bog down when they come to the parts that may not hold their attention, such as the long genealogies found in the first 9 chapters of the Old Testament book of Numbers. Moving between the Old and New Testaments each week helps to keep us reading through the entire Bible when we hit difficult-to-read spots.

Secondly, some Christians today erroneously believe that the Old Testament is not relevant to believers. By moving between the Old and New Testaments, the reader is able to see how closely these sections of the Bible are tied together. There is much to learn about God and ourselves in the Old Testament.

You are right! You can spend a lot of time just finding where you are supposed to read for each day. We have found that it is useful to keep three bookmarks in your Bible. One for where you are reading in the Old Testament, one for where you are reading in the Psalms (which are part of the Old Testament), and one for where you are reading in the New Testament. For e-readers, using the bookmark feature of your e-reader works well.

Certainly! Please contact us at to request either a Chronological (in time sequence) Reading Schedule or a Reading Schedule that reads straight through the Bible.

Unfortunately, for these two additional Reading Schedules, Word Way is unable to save your schedule online or track your reading progress. In addition, Weekly Thoughts are not available for these two schedules. And finally, these two schedules are only available to individual readers, not group readers, at this time.

Certainly! In addition, Word Way will automatically track your progress if you check off each chapter you have read. You can also choose to have Word Way send you reminders of each day's reading.

Certainly! Many readers find it valuable to have a hard-copy of their Reading Schedule available especially if you prefer to not come to the website each day.