Bible Reading Program

To put it simply, doing so will change your life in a positive way!

For those who believe, as we do at Word Way, that the Bible is the primary way in which God has chosen to communicate directly with us, reading Scripture for ourselves is one of the most important things we can ever do. Until you have sought to know God better by reading through the entire Bible, you will not fully understand what God has to say about Himself and the relationship He wants to have with each of us or all that is available in the Bible to help us in this life and prepare us for our future life. We believe it is vitally important to read through the entire Bible to have a more complete understanding of God.

For those who do not believe the Bible is God speaking to mankind, it is still worthy of being read. Read it for yourself, and discover why the Bible has often been called “the greatest book ever written.”

The essential parts to this program are:

The Word Way program is designed so that busy people can accomplish the important goals of reading the entire Bible and applying what they read to their everyday lives. The Reading Schedule is based on reading one chapter each day from the Bible. Most people find reading one chapter a day to be doable.

But there will be times when reading each day is not possible. For those times, we urge you to set a secondary reading goal and designate a special time each week to catch up on any of the seven chapters assigned for that week which you have not read. Reading and reflecting on the entire Bible can only be accomplished when you are determined to set aside time to do so.

It will take 170 weeks or just over 3 years. That may seem like a long time to accomplish this goal, but we think it is important for you to have time to think about what you are reading. Most people find that reading one chapter per day allows time to reflect on what they are reading and also allows them to catch up during the week if they fall behind in their Reading Schedule.